PHARMATRANS SANAQ specialises in innovative and multifunctional excpients for solid dosage forms as well as in value added APIs for pharmaceuticals. As a partner for the pharmaceutical industry, we have been working in this field for over 25 years. Our aim is to provide the industry with customised products and solutions. We continuously search and develop new excipients, or better forms of existing excipients, based on the needs of our partners in the industry.

MCC SANAQburst – multifunctional excipient as binder, filler and superdisintegrant

MCC SANAQburst consists of 100% pure microcrystalline cellulose (no additional excipients). The fast disintegration remains even after wet granulation and extrusion processes. With MCC SANAQburst reduction of excipients in a formulation can be achieved, fast disintegration tablets, dispersible and ODTs as well as fast dissolving pellets by extrusion / spheronisation.

Microcrystalline cellulose pellets – neutral starter core

CELLETS microcrystalline cellulose pellets are a neutral starter of 100% microcrystalline cellulose. As inert carriers, CELLETS are mainly used for controlled release formulations and for innovative drug delivery, already being available from below 100µm. The product characteristics lead to a reproducible and reliable production process.

The advantages of CELLETS include:

PHARMATRANS SANAQ is specialised in excipients for solid dosage forms.
SSG SANAQ is used as a disintegrant for tablets, capsules and granules.
CELLETS are the perfect tool for the layering application in controlled release products.
CELLETS used in multiple dosage forms mean more reliable formulations thanks to the homogeneous concentration of highly active agents.
  • The wide range of particle size fractions with uniform spherical shape and structure (100µm – 1,400µm)
  • Narrow particle size distribution within each fraction
  • Formulation of sensitive actives, due to the inertness of MCC
  • High abrasion resistance, which improves the coating process
  • Excellent compactability, due to the high plasticity of the CELLETS, for formulation of multidosage tablets
  • Higher payload permits smaller capsule sizes

Carnauba Wax pellets as hydrophobic, neutral starter core

C-Wax Pellets constist of 100% Carnauba Wax. In some formulations a hydrophobic core is needed to achieve a specific dissolution profile. C-Wax Pellets do not require an additional subcoating to achieve this effect and other starter cores.

Sugar Spheres as neutral starter core

Sugar Spheres Sanaq are sugar non-pareils – neutral starter cores for the production of controlled release formulations or for direct compression to ensure the content uniformity of low dosage API in tablets.

Mannitol pellets as neutral starter core

MCELL consist of 100% Mannitol and are non-hygroscopic, highly spherical, dense and have a low attrion to be used as alternative water soluble starter core for pellet formulations.

Tartaric Acid pellets as functional starter core

TAP are spherical cores and consist of 100% Tartaric Acid. TAP act as a pH-modifier for substances (e.g. weakly basic drugs) with a poor solubility in higher pH that occur in the lower GIT. TAP enhance the solubility in this environment.

  • TAP 200: 100-350 micron
  • TAP 400: 300-500 micron
  • TAP 500: 400-600 micron

Microcrystalline cellulose

Microcrystalline cellulose MCC SANAQ is a purified and partially depolymerised a-cellulose widely used as filler, binder and granulation aid for tablets, granules and in capsules. Different types for wet granulation, dry granulation and direct compression are available – MCC SANAQ 101L, 102L, 200L, 301L, 302L.

MCC SANAQ UL-002 compactible binder

MCC SANAQ UL-002 is a highly compactible binder. Thanks to its low bulk density and different particle shape, the compactablity is significantly enhanced compared to standard MCC types. This leads to lower compression forces in case of pressure sensitive formulations and higher drug loading (or smaller sized tablets with the same drug loading) thanks to the reduction of excipient. The product portfolio also includes:

Sodium starch glycolate superdisintegrant

SSG SANAQ is a super disintegrant for tablets, capsules and granules.

Sodium stearyl fumarate lubricant

LubriSanaq is a high-quality lubricant for tablet and capsule formulations.

100% Ibuprofen pellets for direct compression

Ibuprofen DC 100 is an optimised Ibuprofen to perform high-speed tableting processes, overcoming sticking and picking behaviour.

Acetylsalicylic acid solvent-free coated

ASACOAT SANAQ is a lipid coated acetylsalicylic acid to enhance the stability of the API by moisture protection.