IBUPROFEN DC100 (Ph. Eur / USP-NF) are spherically shaped particles consisting of 100% Ibuprofen drug substance.

IBUPROFEN DC100 is the unique directly compressible form of Ibuprofen which consists of 100% pure drug substance with no additional excipients. Due to its shape and surface structure IBUPROFEN DC100 provides unique product characteristics offering a wide range of applications.

IBUPROFEN DC100 consisting of 100% drug substance may serve as DC grade with excellent compression properties for the manufacture of tablets with an exceptionally high drug load.

Owing to the spherical shape and low attrition, IBUPROFEN DC100 particles can be efficiently coated with functional polymers to prepare sustained release drug products as capsules or pellet tablets.

Because of the smoothness and low porosity, IBUPROFEN DC100 spheres can be conveniently layered with taste masking coatings to prepare easy to swallow taste masked drug products such as sachets or oral dispersible tablet (ODT) preparations.