ASACOAT SANAQ is obtained by hot-melt coating of acetylisalicylic acid with glyceryl behenate. The natural coating enhances the stability of Aspirin based on the hydrophobic characteristics of the glyceryl behenate.

ASACOAT SANAQ is easy to formulate as it can be directly compressed after simple blending with the required excipients.

ASACOAT SANAQ is a further product in the line of the added value API which started with Ibuprofen DC 100 – 100% Ibuprofen pellets to overcome the hurdles of Ibuprofen in direct compression and easier taste masking due to the more spherial shape than standard Ibuprofen.

Pharmatrans Sanaq is specialised in pharmaceutical excipients with the focus on starter cores for pellet formulations. We offer a wide range of cellulose pellets (CELLETS), sugar spheres, tartaric acid pellets (TAP), mannitol pellets (MCELL) and carnauba wax pellets (C-Wax Pellets). Further products are under development with the target of offer solutions consisting of a single compound only.

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