LubriSanaq® sodium stearyl fumarate is an inert, hydrophilic lubricant for tablets and capsules.

LubriSanaq provides solutions where other lubricating agents fail in providing tablets of adequate stability, hardness, content uniformity and show difficulties with disintegration and dissolution rates.

LubriSanaq displays superior tablet hardness and lower ejection forces when compared with magnesium stearate. At the same time it has less impact on disintegration time and solves known incompactilities of APIs with magnesium stearate.

Pharmatrans Sanaq AG has specialized in pharmaceutical excipients for solid dosage forms for 25 years and offers:

  • MCC SANAQ® microcrystalline cellulose
  • SSG SANAQ sodium starch glyocolate
  • CELLETS microcrystalline cellulose starter spheres
  • OroCell spherical mannitol for direct compression of ODT formulations
  • MCell mannitol starter spheres