The 4th Scientific & Technical Forum “How can we reduce time to market and enhance product quality?” organised by PHARMATRANS SANAQ AG will take place on April 17th and 18th at the Hotel Bildungszentrum 21 in Basel/Switzerlad.

The event is hosted by Prof Hans Leuenberger, Ifiip GmbH and covers the following topics:

  • Faster Time to Market – Role of Connectivity within a Company
    Dr Bernd Schümmelfeder, Pfizer GmbH, Germany
  • Quality by Design – The Impact of physical-chemical Characteristics of Drug & Excipient
    Dr Frank Thielmann, Novartis Pharma AG, Switzerland
  • How to restructure and prepare manufacturing networks in anticipation of new trends, technologies and requirements
    Dr Manfred Bruch, F Hoffmann-La Roche AG, Switzerland
  • No API, no Studies accelerated CMC Development
    Dr. Robert Hett, RPD Rapid Pharma Development GmbH, Switzerland
  • Formulation Computer aided Design
    Etienne Krausbauer, University of Basel, Switzerland
  • New E-tools for fast Development, Scale up and virtual Equipment Simulations
    Dr Maxim Puchkov, Cincap GmbH, Switzerland
  • The use of Process Engeneering Tools to speed up Product Development Dr Ingela Niklasson-Björn, AstraZeneca, Sweden

For detailed information and registration please click on the link below.