How it all began. The idea of a plate freezer for contact cooling has already been developed in early 1991 here at HOF. The main goal of the machine is the controlled and qualified freezing and/or thawing of product filled into suitable bag systems.

Currently more than 350 HOF FTUs are in use worldwide. Whether in cleanroom areas, warehouses, laboratories, plasma donation centre or in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological production areas for the production of vaccines. The machines will in every case be 100% adapted to your requirements.

With more than 30 years of our experience, our know-how in design, manufacturing, automation, visualization and refrigeration technologies, the systems are reliable and future-proofed. For the HOF FTU all future-proofed solutions are available.

Since 1994 systems based on LN2, since 2007 systems based on natural refrigerants #HOFCAR6 and since 2019 systems based on air #HOFCryoBlizzard. 100% made by HOF. And afterwards, we are always there for you for Service, Calibration, Requalification and retrofits #HOF24_7.

With #HOF the future has begun!