Strong, high-performance, and reliable, HOF Sonderanlagenbau’s systems are determining factors in all manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic systems.

Besides standardised and special formats, HOF transports special packaging such as dual-chamber carpules or dual-chamber syringes. At the same time, the company offers an automatic loading and unloading of bulk freezer-dryers.

Reliability, a rapid detection of individual objects, and hygienic design are among the determining factors for the sensor technology of HOF’s machines. The latest sensor technology corresponds with the company’s conditions for high functionality and ensures optimal cleaning and sterilisation results.

With regard to the hygienic design, all machine parts were checked, so that possible high radii, the material selection and an easy disassembly have an important effect on the results in the cleaning processes.

In the future, changeover times for changing the vial sizes will be considerably reduced by means of a simplified functional design of the format parts. The format parts will be easily replaced using glove ports within a cRABS or isolator. Format parts with bottle neck guidance are implemented at particular points to increase the reliability of the production safety.

The control engineering of loading and unloading systems will prospectively use the new developments of Siemens with the scope of totally integrated automation (TIA) Portal. In this way, the flexibility will be increased and up-to-date appropriate technical solutions are ensured.

With an intuitive guidance via a touchscreen, fix function keys, or a combination of both, the new implemented and standardised operating panels offer users an optimal solution. Widescreen displays ensure an optimal overview of all plant conditions.

HOF’s loading and unloading systems dispose of modern information and communication techniques in the course of the digital revolution "Industry 4.0". Many custom-specific requirements are fulfilled, such as evaluations of the machine, from easy motion counters through constant controls of motor speeds and moments, up to the automatic maintenance recommendation, by means of a trend programme.

Sales management Jens Gemmecker said: "It is our goal to push new developments to make every individual project as successful as possible – of course, hand in hand with our customers. Innovative and promising solutions are often already defined during the tendering stage, and are then implemented in the according system."