CAMO Releases New Version of the Unscrambler X Multivariate Data Analysis Software - Pharmaceutical Technology
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CAMO Releases New Version of the Unscrambler X Multivariate Data Analysis Software

CAMO Software has launched a new version of its all-in-one multivariate data analysis (MVA) software, the Unscrambler X.

The Unscrambler X 10.4 continues CAMO´s tradition of delivering advanced multivariate data analysis software that is easy to use and offers data visualisation. It includes exploratory data analysis, regression and classification methods, predictive modelling, design of experiments and descriptive statistics.

The Unscrambler X is used by engineers, scientists, researchers and data analysts across R&D, QC and production departments in a wide range of industrial sectors, including life sciences, chemicals, food production, academia and research.

One of the main new features of version 10.4 is the replacement of the former design of experiments (DOE) module with Design-Expert from Stat-Ease.

Design-Expert is the most complete and world-leading DOE software on the market, and provides a wide range of new designs and analysis tools. The new version of the Unscrambler X is integrated with Stat-Ease’s new version of Design-Expert version 10.

New methods are available such as moving block methods and statistical process control for trending of process data, piecewise direct standardisation for calibration transfer, improved plotting tools and changes to PCA/PCR/PLSR analysis dialogues and more flexible usage of outlier statistics.

CAMO Software CEO Shirley A Henshall said: "This Unscrambler release provides a major advancement, as it is the first version that fully demonstrates the power of the collaboration between CAMO Software and Stat-Ease.

"By combining the domain expertise from these two leading companies, we are truly enhancing the offering to our customers and providing a comprehensive package for both multivariate analysis and design of experiments."

Other key features included in version 10.4 are sample alignment for merging two or more data tables based on sample time stamps or category levels, and import from Design-Expert, and many other data sources.

Current users of the Unscrambler X can upgrade to the new version. A free 30-day trial version of the Unscrambler X 10.4 is available.

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