CAMO Software Release New Version of Unscrambler X Process Pulse II - Pharmaceutical Technology
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CAMO Software Release New Version of Unscrambler X Process Pulse II

CAMO Software has announced the release of a new version of their easy-to-use multivariate process monitoring solution, Unscrambler® X Process Pulse II.

The new version provides users with new and improved features, including parallel import and alignments of multiple data sources in real time, running and visualisation of models with real time flagging of deviations, as well as a data historian for simplified troubleshooting.

The latest version has also been updated with a new and more intuitive user interface.

Unscrambler X Process Pulse II is used in a wide range of industries and research fields, for improvement in product development, manufacturing and quality control.

Using powerful multivariate models, the software helps manufacturers and process operators identify and correct deviations before they become problems.

The product includes predictions, classifications and projections, presented in an intuitive graphical interface, and is easily integrated with third-party production and processing systems.

Key business benefits that can be achieved from using Unscrambler X Process Pulse II include:

  • Reduce process failures with early event detection
  • Improve yields through better process understanding
  • Reduce raw material, scrap, energy and rework costs
  • Speed up cycle time and run processes closer to limits
  • Accelerate scale up from R&D to production scale

CAMO chief technical officer Geir Rune Flaaten said: "With this new version we further strengthen our efforts in ensuring manufacturers can effectively monitor their processes, enable production to run more efficiently and reduce cost.

"In combination with our leading software for advanced data analysis, the Unscrambler X, customers are provided with a complete solution for analyzing, monitoring and predicting their production processes."

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