Alpha Biotech launches the Cobra148 nano-litre dispensers, from ARI, into the UK. The new Cobra 148 line of non-contact nano dispensers is now available in one, four or eight channels with dispense volumes ranging from 50nl to 5ml. Versatile touch-screen computer control and two plate positions add to the flexibility of the Cobra systems.

Fast, on-the-fly dispensing quickly fills plates. The one and four-channel systems can be used in aspirate / dispense mode or bulk dispense mode, while the dedicated eight-channel bulk dispense system is optimised for high throughput and low reagent dead volume.

All Cobra models feature the following:

  • Small, space-saving footprint
  • Dispense volumes of 50nl to 5ml
  • Dispense any volume, any well
  • Fast, on-the-fly dispensing, quickly fills plates whether using one, four or eight channels
  • Dispense gradients for direct dilutions
  • Two plate position deck that accommodates 96, 384, 1536 and deep well blocks as well as Terasaki plates
  • Integrated wash system
  • Touch-screen computer control
  • Drag and drop protocol creation
  • Liquid level sensing for all reagent bottles
  • Units are self-contained and require no outside air source

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