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Protein Crystallography Dispensers, Nano Dispensers, Harvesters, Plate Sealers, Microcapillary Protein Crystallisation System, Density Gradient Fractionators, and Well Plates

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Alpha Biotech is the European distributor for many well-known international brands serving laboratory and scientific research communities. Products that Alpha Biotech distributes include the Art Robbins Phoenix protein crystallography dispenser and Cobra non-contact nano dispensers, Brandel harvesters, plate sealers and gradient fractionators, Emerald BioSystems’ MPCS Plug Maker™, and BIOplastics’ well plates, tube strips and cap strips.

Protein crystallography dispenser

The Art Robbins Phoenix protein crystallography dispenser features accuracy, speed and precision, making it the perfect instrument for sitting drop, hanging drop and microbatch reactions. In less than 50s it dispenses protein and screen to the small wells or membranes. The speed of dispensing the screen and protein eliminates the problem of evaporation even when dispensing as little as 100nl.

Both the 96 syringe head and the nano dispenser have a large volume range. The 96 head can dispense from 100nl to 100µm and the nano dispenser has a range of 50nl to over 10µm.

Non-contact nano dispensers

The Cobra 148 is a range of non-contact nano dispensers with dispense volumes of 50nl-5ml. They have touch-screen computer control and two plate positions, which adds to their versatility.

The Cobra non-contact nano dispensers are available with one, four or eight channels. The one and four channel systems can be used in aspirate / dispense or bulk dispense mode, while the eight channel system is optimised for high throughput and low reagent dead volume.

Fully automated and semi-automated harvesters

Brandel harvesters offer outstanding versatility and operating efficiency. Fully automated harvesters are designed for integration into high-throughput workflows using a robotic arm. The robotic arm loads and unloads samples before and after harvesting, and the harvester performs all other functions according to your specific protocol. Built-in sensors, safety protocols and several high-throughput options permit unattended operation.

Semi-automated harvesters offer an efficient method of filtering multiple samples at once without a robotic arm. A variety of models, options and accessories enable you to specify a harvester that fits into your particular workflow.

Plate sealers

Brandel plate sealers offer a quick and easy way to seal plates of almost any size. Simply slide a plate into the left side of the unit and an optical sensor triggers the mechanism, automatically pulling the plate through and applying a seal in about 5s. After the leak-proof seal is applied, the plate slides through to the other side of the unit.

Automated (RS-3000) and semi-automated (CS-2000) systems can be used with a variety of sealing tapes, including transparent, translucent, foils and gas permeable. A variety of sealing tapes are suitable for use with most chemicals (including DMSO), compatible with cells, and capable of withstanding temperatures as low as –80°C.

Microcapillary protein crystallisation system

Emerald BioSystems’ microcapillary protein crystallisation system, the MPCS Plug Maker, uses technology that generates up to 800 experiments in one CrystalCard using every nanolitre of the protein sample. Crystals grown with the MPCS Plug Maker are diffraction-ready – simply loop them out of the CrystalCard or analyse via in-situ X-ray diffraction.

Density gradient fractionators

The BR-188 density gradient fractionation system used the Foxy Jr. fraction collector to collect separated zones. Using the same tube holder and UV detector as the programmable system, it products a continuous absorbance profile as the gradient is displaced and collected in precisely measured fractions.

The BR-186 gradient fractionator with syringe pumps offers cost-effective bulk displacement fractionation.

Well plates for real-time PCR instruments

BIOplastics’ 96-well plates are meant for use in any Applied Biosystem’s regular or real-time PCR thermal cycler. Their rigid, extra-stabilised frame and elevated skirt makes them suitable for both automatic loading and robotic handling. To improve real-time PCR signal yields, all tubes in this 96-well plate are designed frosted.

BIOplastics’ eight-tube strip combines all the EU advantages with the classical eight-tube PCR strip shape. It features low evaporation grades and superior thermal transfer. The semi-domed thin-wall eight-cap strip also allows for real-time experiments because of its optical flat, parallel area on top. These strips fit in all 0.2ml regular and real-time PCR instruments.

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Alpha Biotech Introduces the New MPCS Plug Maker

Alpha Biotech, a leader in crystallisation instrumentation in the UK, is proud to announce the release of the new MPCS Plug Maker™ from Emerald Biosystems. Based on lab-on-a-chip micro-fluidics the Plug Maker has several key features: Low sample volume: 5nl-10nl

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