Alpha Biotech, a leader in lab automation instrumentation in the UK, is proud to announce the signing of a deal with Xiril to become the sole UK distributor of Xiril products in the UK and Ireland. The deal, which came into effect from 1 June 2010, confirms Alpha Biotech’s desire to be at the forefront of liquid handling automation with an expanding catalogue to present to its customers.

Xiril is a Swiss-based company, founded in 2001 by a team of experts with more than 25 years liquid handling experience, that is committed to the development of automated systems and solutions for life science and diagnostic applications. Xiril’s unique combination of liquid handling and robotic manipulation incorporated into the same robotic arm generates outstanding functionality, quality and results within a space-saving footprint. The company’s range of robots addresses many applications, such as PCR set-up, reformatting and DNA extraction, and is also flexible and cost-effective for users not involved in ‘standard’ assays.