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Pipetting Robots and Systems for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Andrew Alliance develops pipetting robots and systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Pipetting Robots and Systems

Andrew Alliance develops pipetting robots and systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

The company manufactures products such as the Pipette+ Intelligent Pipetting System and Andrew Pipetting Robot, which connect seamlessly with OneLab.

Its award-winning automation technology enables genomics and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) users to fully recognise the benefits of performance and repeatability in routine and complex workflows.

Now a Waters Company, Andrew Alliance, together in partner organisations, is developing an intelligent Cloud-native software, OneLab, which intuitively designs, executes and tracks experiments through a rapidly evolving ecosystem of connected devices and accessories.

Pipetting robots for the pharmaceutical industry

Andrew Alliance’s award-winning Andrew+ liquid handling robot unites with state-of-the-art browser-based intuitive lab software, OneLab.

OneLab allows the researcher to retain control of their workflow and readily adapt the pipetting robot to a wide range of other workflows using Domino accessories, optimising space, resources and funding. OneLab requires zero programming expertise.

Users can access OneLab via their tablet or laptop, drag and drop the necessary labware, volumes to be aspirated / dispensed, calculate your serial dilution in a way that is both highly visual, and easily share with other researchers.

Connected electronic pipettes for pharmaceutical use

Andrew Alliances award-winning smart pipetting system Pipette+ incorporates the same Bluetooth electronic pipettes used for Andrew+, manufactured by electronic pipette market leader Sartorius at its innovative pipette production facility in Kajaani, Finland.

Aside from being the lightest such product on the market, this pipette is also ‘connected’ to Andrew Alliance’s browser-based software environment, OneLab. This remotely programmes the pipettes, as well as tracking and recoding each step during the execution of an experiment.

Pharmaceutical protocol design and execution

OneLab enables simple design, execution and sharing of experimental protocols.

Users can benefit from readily accessible pre-validated protocols in its OneLab Online library for next-generation sequencing (NGS), polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and LC-MS.

It can also track samples using a barcode reader, providing versatility due to an ever-increasing range of possible labware from different vendors.

It is available to users in various deployments, including a Cloud-based and enterprise server.

Connected devices for the pharmaceutical industry

OneLab’s Shaker+ orbital shaker technology connects seamlessly with OneLab, allowing remote set-up and monitoring a vast array of vibration-free mixing speeds, reducing error and guaranteeing maximum repeatability.

The compact, all-in-one Peltier+ rapid cooling and heating technology seamlessly combines with OneLab. It offers remote set-up and continuous monitoring of temperature for optimal results.

Magnet+ guarantees a reliable and straightforward method of purifying plasmid, genomic and mitochondrial DNA using magnetic beads.

Vacuum+ includes improved features for use alongside traditional silica-based solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges, as well as adjustments that allow users to observe the benefits of the unique features of Waters Oasis Extraction Cartridges.

Microplate and column gripper tools for Andrew+ move laboratory equipment from one Domino to another in Andrew+ workspace, offering enhanced adaptability to a more extensive range of workflows.

CO2-Neutral certification

Being CO2-Neutral is essential to Andrew Alliance’s ethos and business culture. The company’s workforce adopts this significant responsibility, producing high precision instrumentation in an eco-friendly building, using CO2-Neutral electricity.

Andrew Alliance does not promote company cars, inspiring its employees to travel by public transport over short distances. It continually endeavours to reduce CO2 emissions and measures the amount produced, sustaining neutrality by investing in relevant environmentally friendly solutions.

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  • Andrew+

    This award-winning liquid handling robot is managed by a state-of-the-art browser-based intuitive lab software called OneLab, which allows the researcher to not only retain control of their workflow but readily adapt the pipetting robot to a wide range of other workflows using Domino accessories, making optimal use of space, resources and funding.

  • Pipette+

    Enter the Andrew Alliance Bluetooth electronic pipette, manufactured by electronic pipette market leader Sartorius at its state-of-the-art pipette production facility in Kajaani, Finland.

  • OneLab

    Intuitive lab software that delivers repeatability – OneLab.

Chemin Grenet 21
1214 Vernier