Intuitive lab software that delivers repeatability – OneLab.

OneLab is the first web-based application to truly facilitate efficient, centralised programming of connected pipettes and rapid sharing of protocols.

The advancement of science critically depends upon the ability of the researcher to execute a specific protocol, in order to test a hypothesis, and other researchers to be able to repeat it and observe the same results. Errors in the execution of an experiment waste valuable time and resources. Worse still, they may go undetected by the peer review process, potentially wasting the time and funding of other research groups, and ultimately damage the reputation of the researcher.

Enter our innovative lab software: ‘OneLab’.

In February 2019, Andrew Alliance launched a unique browser-based lab software environment called OneLab.  It enables researchers to design, and share, their own protocols, through a highly intuitive graphical interface that can then be executed step-by-step, from any PC or tablet.

Imagine being able to set up each step of your serial dilution on an iPad, including all the required lab-ware and reagents.   Once set up, you then execute your experiment either automatically on the Andrew+ robot, or semi-automatically on Pipette+, by remotely setting up the required volumes on an electronic pipette, rather than having to input them yourself.  No more fiddling with tiny buttons with gloved hands, or trying to ready small displays while pipetting.

Intuitive lab software that enables the ‘connected’ lab.

Of course, pipetting is just one, albeit highly important, step in a life science experiment workflow. There are others (grabbing, heating, shaking, weighing, and so on) which is why Andrew Alliance is working with partners to expand its offering of connected device solutions and intuitive lab software, towards a more ‘connected’ laboratory.

Not only does this free up time for the researcher to focus on higher-level tasks but it also provides full traceability. OneLab acquires data detailing the precise execution of each step of an experiment, beneficial for troubleshooting and ensuring a full audit trail for regulated laboratories.

OneLab is the first intuitive lab software to truly facilitate efficient, centralised programming of connected pipettes and rapid sharing of protocols, enabling laboratories to boost productivity and performance.