Add a chemical perspective to your rheological analysis with in-situ Raman spectroscopy inside the rheometer. This will allow you to track and confirm expected changes in the chemistry of your material.

By combining two powerful measurement principles, you can:

  • Observe viscoelastic behaviour and chemical changes simultaneously (eg. curing processes, melting, crystallisation, polymerisation, cross-linking)
  • Link macroscopic mechanical behaviour with microscopic chemical structure
  • Gain insights into underlying mechanisms and reaction kinetics
  • Improve material models and optimise the composition
  • Benefit from the modular setup and unmatched ease of use

Combining Rheology and Raman Spectroscopy Shear Rate Effects

Do you need a way to track shear-rate-dependent influences on molecules and supramolecular structures in real-time? The combination of Raman spectroscopy with a rheological setup offers unique advantages allowing the possibility to probe shear rate effects along with temperature effects on the sample.  Download the application report here.

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