Lyophilization specialist BTL is pleased to welcome Dr Laura Ciccolini as its new head of sales.

BTL is a renowned expert in freeze drying (lyophilization) technology with a range of consultancy services for development, optimization and scale-up of products and processes. Freeze drying has applications in the preservation of many different types of materials, including chemicals, proteins, bacteria, nano-particles, polymers, liposomes, parenteral formulations, high value food products and supplements and coatings. BTL believes that through rational, knowledge-based practice, successful formulation and cycles can be designed efficiently and safely.

Laura’s background is in biochemical engineering, with PhD and engineering Dean listed 1st Master Eng. Hons from University College London. Since then she has gained experience in business start-up, management and sales, with considerable international business and sales experience from senior positions at Cancer Research UK, Test Achats and SAFC Pharma.

Laura’s expertise in the fields of biologics process development is a perfect fit with BTL’s own development and optimisation abilities. Laura says: “Freeze drying remains a key production process and is expanding in importance with increasing use of biologics, biosimilars, cell-based therapies and small molecules. I am delighted to be part of BTL, in its drive to grow and further nurture old and new relationships with customers.”