BTL’s freeze drying microscopes, the Lyostat series, have been popular for many years because of their speed and accuracy in returning useable data. Lyostat3, the latest in the series, features upgraded hardware and software and many options to offer enhanced reliability and flexibility, while maintaining the same functionality Lyostat has always offered.

The new features include:

  • Linkam Scientific’s new 95 series controller, featuring better connectivity and precision control
  • New liquid nitrogen pump enabling precise linear cooling rates
  • New design and soft blue LED lighting
  • Power ratings allow for use with any voltage and frequency
  • New ‘LinkPad’ touch-screen unit to monitor in-situ performance levels and allow easy checking of firmware versions
  • Upgradable firmware via USB link
  • Vacuum control module replaced with PC style card minimising the number of power sockets required
  • Increased data sampling rates and resolution to improve data accuracy

Upgrade from Lyostat 2

For existing users of a Lyostat2 system, we are offering a special deal to allow you to upgrade your system to take advantage of the new system. This will also include a visit from a BTL scientist to perform the upgrade and offer a re-train on the system to introduce the new options and to refresh your knowledge.

Other upgrades and offers

A digital camera system is available for users of analogue systems, and the purpose-built imaging station is also available for users of upright microscopes, including older models of the Lyostat.

We also offer instrument re-training courses. These are designed to allow for new members of staff at your site to be instructed on use of Lyostat and/or Lyotherm by a BTL freeze-drying expert.

If any of these offers are of interest please get in touch with our instrument specialist, Marc Townell: +44 1962 841092,