We are pleased to offer practical one-day ‘refresher’ sessions on the use of our freeze-drying microscopes, Lyostat3 and the previous model Lyostat2, and the Lyotherm2 thermal analyser.

Lyostat and Lyotherm

A rational, knowledge-based approach to designing and developing successful freeze drying formulations and cycles requires information about how the product responds to different processing conditions. Candidate formulations should ideally be analysed in terms of their visible physical structure, their thermal characteristics and their frozen state mobility, in order to gain a sufficient understanding of its behaviour throughout the freeze drying process. The Lyostat and Lyotherm instruments were developed by BTL to provide this sort of in-depth characterisation.

Benefits of the course

These sessions are designed to refresh and update new and existing users of these systems. Each stage of analysis is examined with respect to the unique challenges it presents, including practical techniques and tips from experienced practitioners.

Our goal is to provide a refresher for scientists and technicians who are already familiar with the equipment, and practical instruction for new users and employees. We also seek to instruct on how best to interpret data and apply this information to their own work – whether that be improving a product’s formulation, achieving better batch success rates, or improving plant efficiency.

These courses, held in your laboratory, are suitable for those who own either the BTL Lyostat2 or Lyostat3 freeze-drying microscopes and/or the BTL Lyotherm2 thermal analyser.

Course format

The training will be run in two stages. The initial stage will consist of a presentation on the instrument in question and will cover some of the basic principles of freeze-drying. This will be especially useful for users and employees who are new to the field – for a more in-depth instruction into freeze-drying, please see our two and three-day courses on the website.

Following the presentation, we will then move to the laboratory for a hands-on demonstration and re-training on the instrument. This is an ideal time to mention any aspects of the system you are not comfortable with, as well as having the opportunity to go through some of your old analyses – the BTL instrument specialist can go through them and confirm your findings. There will be a brief ‘wash-up’ of the day and a final open question-and-answer session.

For more information and to arrange your refresher, please email BTL and include the instrument(s) you have and the relevant serial number(s).