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Charles Ischi and Kraemer Elektronik produce manual, semi and fully automatic tablet testing systems for the pharmaceutical industry. Charles Ischi AG maintains Kraemer & Ischi’s international sales and service network for high-quality products, which are used worldwide in quality and in-process control areas for solid dosage forms.

Tablet testing systems for leading pharmaceutical companies

Kraemer & Ischi tablet testing systems are used extensively throughout laboratories and production sites of leading global pharmaceutical companies, because of their exceptional build quality, customised solutions and outstanding service offered.

Unique technology allows Kraemer & Ischi testing equipment to be used for research and production in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as:

  • Food products
  • Oral hygiene
  • Veterinary products
  • Washing and dishwashing products
  • Electrical technology
  • Pellets
  • Industrial press products

Tablet and capsule control solutions

Requirements for tablet testing systems need to be met in order to guarantee a successful product launch. This criteria is a combination of the testing system’s quality, reliability, speed performance, efficiency, safety, all housing leading technology and flexibility.

These days, the pharmaceutical industry faces more challenges than at any other time in order to guarantee that products adhere to numerous strict requirements for quality and safety, while also being economical and able to enter the market without any delays.

Kraemer and Ischi services complement the full range of processes involved in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, resulting in effective solutions for control of tablets and capsules.

In 2017, Kraemer & Ischi are celebrating 25 years of this close relationship.

Quality tablet and capsule testers made in Germany and Switzerland

Kraemer & Ischi provide a comprehensive range of manual, semi-automatic and automatic equipment for quality testing of tablets and capsules, including:

  • Tablet hardness testers
  • Tablet weight and thickness testers
  • Capsule weight and length testers
  • Multiparameter testers for hardness, weight, length, width and thickness
  • Friability and abrasion testers
  • Disintegration testers
  • Content uniformity testers with NIR

Laboratory equipment for tablet quality control and production

Solutions include:

  • Laboratory equipment for QC, R&D and pilot plants
  • In-process quality control systems for production
  • Online tablet press applications
  • Online PAT for fast real time release solutions
  • Isolator and containment applications
  • Customised solutions

Services include:

  • Free application tablet testing
  • Installation and verification
  • Validation and documentation
  • Operator training
  • Calibration
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Repair (in-house and on-site)

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Charles Ischi AG – Testing Technology

Langfeldstrasse 26

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+41 32 621 49 23 +41 32 621 49 26

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