The increasing growth of the preparative liquid chromatography industry demands software that has greater fraction collection capabilities and a faster, more effortless approach to improving system performance. Announcing the launch of the new Trilution LC v2.0 software from Gilson, who are proud to offer a complete solution for all your preparative requirements including a new and improved user interface, substantial memory for large sample lists and the ability to control and fully support the new 171/172 diode array detectors.

Trilution LC v2.0 offers many new or more advanced features than previous versions. For example; the project library can create a method with the same name or by overwriting it can simplify file systems and eliminate duplicate applications. The method builder shows lists for both control and analysis which can be edited or printed and results can be filtered based on user-specified criteria. Application run screens have the ability to save multiple sample lists and the task property page features an enhanced user-friendly interface.

The Trilution LC v2.0 171/172 DAD configuration has the ability to collect spectral data that can be viewed either as three-dimensional and iso-electric plots or specifically as a spectrum or peak purity graph. The peak purity section of the spectral data provides a graphical representation of peak purity. Different colours help users define the number of spectra slice samples required to calculate purity. The software is also capable of setting up re-injection criteria based on peak purity in the sample list.

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