Gilson Scientific Automated Chromatography and Liquid Handling Instrumentation, Pipettes, Tips and Filtration Consumables

Gilson Scientific (formerly known as Anachem Instruments) brings you specialist support in automated and manual liquid handling, HPLC instrumentation, automated solid-phase extraction, and filtration for all your laboratory applications. Backed by over 40 years’ experience with unprecedented levels of product service, maintenance and customer care, you can trust Gilson to be the perfect partner.

For the first time, Gilson is now closer to you, providing the manufacturer’s guarantee for products you rely on from people you can trust.

Our extensive range of pipette tips, chromatography consumables and filtration products, supports our instrument and pipette products, facilitating the majority of life science applications.

Pipettes, tips and accessories

Gilson is the global market leader in manual liquid handling equipment, providing a wide range of pipettes, tips, accessories and benchtop equipment to enable you to successfully complete your research. The PIPETMAN® brand is synonymous with single and multi-channel pipettes of superior performance ensuring quality research with high levels of accuracy and precision.

Pipette service and support

The Gilson Service Centre of Excellence is the only PIPETMAN manufacturer-authorised service centre in the UK. Staffed by factory-trained personnel our repair, calibration and predictive maintenance procedures are all designed to deliver maximum value, effectiveness and reliability over the lifetime of your investment.

Whether you send your pipettes to us or we perform a pipette clinic on your site, you can be sure that all parts used are 100% genuine Gilson parts, returning the performance of your pipette to its original specifications.

HPLC instruments

Gilson Scientific (GSL) is the UK life science research market leader in preparative HPLC and we have the most comprehensive range of innovative chromatography and automated liquid handling products.

From analytical to large-scale laboratory preparative HPLC systems, there is a Gilson purification system to suit your requirements, with unmatched flexibility and ease of use.

Automated liquid handling

Whatever your application, GSL has a laboratory automation solution that will save you time and help improve your accuracy, precision, efficiency and throughput.

With single-probe, multi-probe, fixed or disposable tips, a range of deck sizes and numerous peripheral options, plus GSL’s technical expertise, powerful software and consumables, we can automate virtually any protocol. Choose from GSL’s laboratory automation instruments or the impressive new Flexus range that offers ready-to-use systems for molecular biology techniques, assays, crystallography and protein precipitation.

The Innovadyne Nanodrop is a low volume, non-contact, valve-free fluid pathway for delivering a robust and low-maintenance means of achieving assay volume reduction without compromising precision or accuracy.

Automated solid-phase extraction

From SPE consumables from Macherey-Nagel, to fully automated ASPEC systems and method development support, Gilson provides complete solutions for solid-phase extraction applications.

Choose from Gilson’s ASPEC systems that handle 96 well plates, 1ml, 3ml or 6ml cartridges, or the new microtitre plate-based Flexus platform.

Chromatography consumables

With products and solutions with excellent performance, guaranteed resolution and purity supported by unrivalled technical and applications expertise, GSL is a one-stop shop for chromatography consumables. Our list of leading suppliers of quality products includes IDEX (Upchurch, Rheodyne, etc.), National Scientific and Macherey-Nagel. Our online ordering system and fully stocked warehouse ensures a speedy delivery of most products.

Filtration and water purification equipment

GSL supplies an extensive range of filter papers, membranes, syringe filters, transfer membranes and blotting materials, as well as specialist products for microbiological monitoring, water purification systems and supplies.

Laboratory equipment service and support

GSL’s service group offers support and assistance for modern laboratory equipment, including automated liquid handling and solid-phase extraction, HPLC instrumentation, MS, GPC, and other automated instruments.

Whether you have purchased laboratory equipment from GSL or have sourced it elsewhere, we are dedicated to providing lifetime care for you and your instrument, using a breadth of expertise to help maintain optimum operation and reduce downtime.

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Press Release

Gilson Launches PIPETMAN® M Multichannel – Motorised Pipetting Multiplied

Gilson, the world's pipetting standard for nearly 40 years, has added a new electronic and motorised extension of the PIPETMAN family of pipettes, the PIPETMAN® M Multichannel.

White Papers

Gilson Application Notes Handbook: Pipettes, Purification, Solid Phase Extraction and Liquid Handling

Gilson's primary focus is on purifying samples via preparative HPLC, automated and manual liquid handling, automated SPE, and GPC clean-up.

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Press Release

20 November 2011

Gilson, the world's pipetting standard for nearly 40 years, has added a new electronic and motorised extension of the PIPETMAN family of pipettes, the PIPETMAN® M Multichannel.

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17 October 2011

Gilson has launched PIPETMAN L, an adjustable volume pipette that features a patented volume locking system.

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1 September 2011

Gilson has launched a lifetime warranty for Pipetman® pipettes in the UK, which guarantees its products will continue providing precise pipetting solutions for many years, even for the entire career of the user.

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16 June 2011

The Gilson GX-271 ASPEC™ and GX-274 ASPEC™ solid phase extraction (SPE) systems automate positive pressure SPE and are suitable for all applications. Whether your application is pharmaceutical, clinical, forensic, or environmental, SPE has become the technique of choice for sample clean

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30 May 2011

The Innovadyne Nanodrop II and Nanodrop Express liquid handlers from IDEX are market leaders in low volume, non-contact sample handling. These instruments can aspirate and dispense both samples and reagents across a wide range of biological applications. The Nanodrop has a wide dynamic volume ran

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22 May 2011

Gilson is pleased to announce the expansion of its range of HPLC purification systems with the launch of a new Gilson LC/MS system. This system provides researchers with the ability to use the specificity of mass spectrometry to increase the efficiency of their purification processes. T

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19 April 2011

What sets one supplier apart from another? In our case it is the Gilson Seal of Assurance stamp. Only Gilson's Seal of Assurance accredited offices and suppliers know our products inside out and can fully support you when you need it most. With us you don't just buy a product; you inve

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16 March 2011

Introducing the new Pipetman® M into the family of Gilson pipettes and the logical evolution of the Pipetman®, the world pipetting standard for over 35 years. Lightweight and extremely comfortable, Pipetman M is fully motorised and requires virtually zero pipetting force. Pipetman M loo

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13 March 2011

Presenting the first practical mass-based purification system from Gilson. Developed for chemists to provide a simple, fast and flexible solution, this unique and usable purification system combines world-class MS technology with existing industry-leading preparative HPLC solutions. Thi

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9 November 2010

Gilson Scientific has released a liquid handler that gives you complete flexibility for an extensive range of scientific applications, without compromising the ease-of-use you demand. Download this free

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8 August 2010

Gilson UK is proud to unveil the new Gilson PLC 2020, a personal liquid chromatography system for reverse and normal-phase HPLC with FLASH purification capabilities. This complete system was developed for chemists, to provide them with an easy-to-use, self-contained instrument specific to their p

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11 May 2010

Gilson Scientific understands that today's HPLC and uHPLC instruments have demanding requirements within the analytical chromatography market. The need to constantly improve on efficiency, speed and resolution in applications puts added stress on equipment. To ensure the success of analyses it is

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6 May 2010

Gilson Minipuls 3 peristaltic pump and accessory range is now available to purchase online at Gilson UK's website at a fantastic offer that entitles 15% off list price on all orders placed before 31 May 2010. All of the listed accessories, pump heads and tubing are easily accessible and are a

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27 July 2009

Introducing Flexus Junior, the smallest addition to the Gilson Scientific Flexus automated liquid handling family. This highly flexible instrument is a "chip off the old block", sharing many of the superb features offered by the larger versions, including flexible application software and interac

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6 July 2009

The Flexus range of automated liquid handlers is a highly flexible platform that provides complete automation for a wide variety of liquid handling applications. The latest model to be unveiled by Gilson Scientific is the only commercially available automated instrument for cubic phase in meso pr

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19 October 2008

Suitable for a wide range of larger volume filtration applications, the new line of SupaFil™ vacuum driven bottle top filters, from Gilson Scientific, are economical and easy to use. They provide a fast, effective and safe means to filter a variety of samples and are particularly useful for tissu

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31 August 2008

The high quality glass and quartz filter range from world renowned manufacturers Munktell is now available in the UK and Ireland from Gilson Scientific. These filters are ideal for use in air pollution control, exhaust emission testing, analysis of acidic gases or the retention of particulate dus

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10 August 2008

In many laboratories, particularly those performing general chemistry, buffer preparation or glassware cleaning it is essential that you have continuous access to purified water. Anachem’s HF RO water purification systems use reverse osmosis to eliminate high levels of impurities and provide you

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15 June 2008

Pure water is at the core of everything you do, whether you use it to rinse your glassware or to make up buffers, to dilute standards or to reconstitute cell culture media. If your pure water is not as pure as you think or need it to be, it could have a detrimental affect on your results, wasting

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2 June 2008

Gilson Scientific invites you to visit its new and greatly improved website, containing a diverse catalogue of laboratory products including a larger and greater selection of Chromatography Consumables that are now available to purchase online. Gilson Scientific supplies an extensive range of pro

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6 May 2008

Now available from Anachem, the New 4titude® PlateStable™ system provides fully automated sample storage that maintains high quality compound libraries safely and effectively. PlateStable protects the integrity of solid and liquid samples by controlling the internal environment within i

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6 January 2008

The increasing growth of the preparative liquid chromatography industry demands software that has greater fraction collection capabilities and a faster, more effortless approach to improving system performance. Announcing the launch of the new Trilution LC v2.0 software from Gilson, who are proud

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15 April 2007

Gilson Scientific is proud to launch its new SupaTop™ syringe filter range. These high-quality filters are available with a variety of membrane types, pore sizes and diameters, to meet all your needs. The SupaTop syringe filters are ideal for your environmental applications as

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20 November 2006

If you need to automate your solid-phase extraction procedures, look no further than the new Gilson GX ASPEC instrument range from Gilson UK. Designed by experts in this field with today's laboratories in mind, these instruments maximise efficiency and throughput. Large cartridge capac

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20 April 2006

Anachem's new Centre Draining (CD) vials for compound storage are the ideal solution for complete sample recovery and sample traceability. The vials are now offered with a permanent identification system incorporating 1D and 2D barcodes, and also other human readable markings. These vials are ide

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