In many laboratories, particularly those performing general chemistry, buffer preparation or glassware cleaning it is essential that you have continuous access to purified water. Anachem’s HF RO water purification systems use reverse osmosis to eliminate high levels of impurities and provide you with a continuous supply of type 3 purified water, efficiently and economically.

Reverse osmosis is an extremely effective process for purifying pre-treated water. Tap water is supplied under pressure through a module containing a semi-permeable membrane that removes up to 99% of hidden bacteria and ions; including colloids, endotoxins, micro-organisms and macromolecules. By applying external pressure these high concentrations of impurities are blocked by the semi-permeable membrane allowing purified water to pass through to water solution that has relatively low levels of contaminants.

Each Anachem HF RO water purification system includes a large capacity storage tank that provides an ongoing supply, perfect for laboratories that require high volumes of pure water to satisfy frequent application demands. Each unit features automatic micro-computer control, a high pressure resistance sensor and provides automatic rinsing of the reverse osmosis membrane. The LCD display presents data including temperature, conductivity, resistance and the level of water left stored in the tank providing accurate monitoring to keep your laboratory running consistently.