If you need to automate your solid-phase extraction procedures, look no further than the new Gilson GX ASPEC instrument range from Gilson UK. Designed by experts in this field with today’s laboratories in mind, these instruments maximise efficiency and throughput.

Large cartridge capacities and pressure-sensing modules ensure constant system performance. The revolutionary JetWash rinse stations vastly reduce the risks of carryover or contamination. Combining throughput, minimal linear bench space usage and the ability to run unattended, the GX ASPEC is the perfect choice for SPE, sample preparation and sample clean up.

The GX-271 ASPEC is a single-probe instrument that can be integrated with a GX direct injection module for performing on-line injections onto HPLC, GC or LC/MS systems. The integration of mobile rack technology enables users to perform liquid-handling tasks as well as SPE. Depending on the application required, the multiple rinse stations, with optional rinse pumps, create multiple rinsing parameters. By incorporating the new 406 single-syringe pump, pressure can be monitored via the sensing module allowing for the control of error conditions.

The GX-274 ASPEC is a four-probe instrument that has the capability to process up to four samples simultaneously, increasing throughput and the efficiency of your cartridge-based applications. The GX-274 uses two 406 dual-syringe pumps to transfer liquids, process multiple samples and monitor individual flow paths via pressure sensing. Its on-bed transfer ports allow access to two additional large volume solvent reservoirs without using precious rack positions, a capability that can be extended through the use of a VALVEMATE II solvent select valve, which can increase the number of solvents/buffers to more than ten

Each instrument utilises 1ml, 3ml and 6ml SPE cartridges, and by using an innovative sealing cap technology based on positive pressure elutions, cartridges can be sealed, run and monitored separately. The GX modular design allows for the use of code 20, 200 and 300 series racks and both the GX-271 and GX-274 ASPEC are controlled using Gilson’s Trilution™ LH 2.0 software.