Gilson has launched PIPETMAN® L, an adjustable volume pipette that features a patented volume locking system. Designed to meet the needs of intensive pipette users, PIPETMAN L provides accuracy and precision without sacrificing comfort. Once the thumbwheel is locked, the operating rod is no longer in contact with the counter assembly, which is responsible for changing the volume. This means that the volume cannot be changed accidentally.

PIPETMAN L has a natural and patented tip ejection system that reduces forces through a pulley system, offering one of the lowest tip ejection forces with any brand of tip. An adjustable robust tip ejector button has also improved the comfort of PIPETMAN L by adapting to both right and left handed users.

PIPETMAN L has a newly engineered body and an advanced design. An enhanced hook feature reduces tension and fits more naturally in the hand, allowing users to increase productivity and pipette for longer while using a lower weight and comfortable pipette. The body consists of polypropylene, making it one of the lightest weight mechanical pipettes on the market whilst retaining the legendary Gilson strength and robustness. The piston assembly is composed of new seals, lighter springs, and high-quality lubricant, improving the pipetting, purge, and ejection forces, and reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

Offering two tip ejector styles, plastic and stainless steel, PIPETMAN L can be used for both corrosive and non-corrosive samples. Both tip ejector styles are equipped with a clip ejector for convenient access to serviceable parts.

PIPETMAN L is exclusively available from GILSON UK and comes in the complete volume range from 0.2µl-10ml in eight single channel models. The L is fitted with a universal tip holder that allows for a secure fit of most leading brands of tips, so there is no need for a dedicated tip brand.

Please contact Gilson for more information.