The high quality glass and quartz filter range from world renowned manufacturers Munktell is now available in the UK and Ireland from Gilson Scientific. These filters are ideal for use in air pollution control, exhaust emission testing, analysis of acidic gases or the retention of particulate dusts or aerosols from gas or air streams. Whatever your industry or particular application Gilson Scientific can provide a solution with a wide range of filter types and formats to choose from.

Glass fibre filters are manufactured from borosilicate glass and are bound by synthetic binders. The use of fine fibres provides high efficiency rates down to submicronic levels combined with high direct holding capacity and good air permeability. This filter media is compatible with a large number of in-organic and organic solutions, and is physically and biologically inert. Micro-glass fibre filters with binders resist temperatures up to 180°C and are ideal for air pollution control with or without chemical analysis, measurement of smoke spot number, and exhaust emission tests.

The cylindrical glass fibre thimbles are ideal for the retention of particulate dusts and aerosols from gas or air streams. They have high temperature resistance and the same excellent chemical resistance as glass fibre filters. These thimbles are the perfect solution when condensation, water or oils have to be separated from compressed air, gases or exhaust air for analytical or technical purposes.

Quartz fibre filters without glass fibre and binders are particularly appropriate for emission control at high temperatures of 900-950°C and wherever absolute purity of the filter medium is required. These fillers present excellent filtration properties with minimal metal contents and outstanding weight and dimensional stability. Unlike micro glass fibre filters, they can also be used for the analysis of acidic gases. The extraordinary purity of the quartz makes these the filter of choice.

The glass and quartz filters are available as circular filters, sheets, reels or thimbles in a variety of sizes and widths and with Munktell specialising in custom made products whatever your application, Gilson Scientific can provide you with the perfect solution.