Gilson is pleased to announce the expansion of its range of HPLC purification systems with the launch of a new Gilson LC/MS system. This system provides researchers with the ability to use the specificity of mass spectrometry to increase the efficiency of their purification processes.

The addition of a mass spectrometer allows mass targeted purification, and thus reduces the number of collected fractions to be processed, while providing information on the mass of purified compounds.

Gilson has developed the first easy-to-use, practical mass-based purification system. The LC/MS Purification System from Gilson features a world class performing MS detector combined with Gilson’s industry-leading preparative HPLC system to produce a truly unique and usable mass targeted purification system.

The Gilson LC/MS system has been designed with the user in mind; it is easy to use and has been developed around the existing Trilution LC software dedicated to preparative chromatography and the GX-271/GX-281 injection / collection platforms recognised for their robustness and flexibility.

The Flexar SQ 300 mass spectrometer is a single quadrupole detector with a wide mass range (50-3000 amu) and a fast scanning speed (10,000 amu / sec), making it suitable for a large number of chemical compounds and fast enough for the precise fraction collection associated with all Gilson preparative HPLC systems.

Robust and easy to clean, the source has been designed for the needs of the preparative chromatographer with an adjustable spray.

The mass spectrometer is fully integrated in Trilution LC, which is the only software to allow users to have full control of injection and fraction collection.

The fraction collection can be done based on a combination of signals from UV/VIS, ELS and up to seven MS channels, each of which may be set to a mass range or a targeted mass.

The large range dynamic splitter allows the implementation of this new MS detection to the entire range of Gilson purification systems from analytical, semi-preparative and preparative up to 200ml/min.

You do not need to be an expert in mass spectrometry technology to add this feature to your purification system. Contact Gilson Scientific for more information.