Introducing Flexus Junior, the smallest addition to the Gilson Scientific Flexus automated liquid handling family. This highly flexible instrument is a “chip off the old block”, sharing many of the superb features offered by the larger versions, including flexible application software and interaction with a range of peripherals for automating many liquid handling tasks.

Flexus Junior is a compact, single tipped sample processor, both simple and cost effective to operate, enabling users to perform low throughput applications at a very affordable price.

Flexus Junior features a unique micro-annular gear pump that provides outstanding precision and accuracy over a wide pipetting volume range. To maximise platform space the slim line pump is contained within the robotic arm, allowing for more labware storage. The pump can be used for both precision pipetting and for bulk fluid dispensing from a reservoir.

The Flexus Junior sample processor can accommodate either washable or disposable tips and has a large dynamic volume range of between 1µl to 2ml. The disposable tips can be operated with or without liquid level sensing and are available in a range of sizes including 30µl, 400µl and 1,000µl.

The instrument’s deck can accommodate up to 12 microtitre plates or other labware of equivalent size, including tube racks and tip boxes. In addition the versatile gripper stacks plates and tips, increasing capacity and providing interaction with other peripheral devices including the bar code reader, plate shaker and vacuum station.