With the new Chili, Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau SE presents a compact, low volume, hydraulically sealed heating thermostat for use with closed temperature control circuits.

Part of the Unistat product family, the Chili is the smallest heating thermostat in the Huber range and is appropriate for use with Marlotherm as a heat transfer fluid. The device has a working temperature range of 65 to 300 °C and achieves temperature stability of +/-0.02 K. Measuring just 240 x 427 x 393 mm (W x D x H), only a small space for installation is required. It is small enough to be a direct replacement for existing “open-bath” heaters. Due to its technical characteristics and competitive pricing, the Chili is ideally suited for e.g. distillation tasks in chemistry, pharmaceuticals and botanical extraction. The hydraulically sealed temperature control circuit prevents the formation of oil vapours and oxidation. This results in an increased lifespan of the heat transfer fluid adding further value. An external cooling coil (unregulated) is available as an optional accessory.

As with all Unistats, the new Chili impresses with excellent thermodynamic characteristics and a professional range of functions. The Chili guarantees high-precision, reproducible thermoregulation results with reduced heating times and wide temperature ranges. Efficient energy management minimises operating costs and economic operation.

The Pilot ONE multi-touch controller has a 5.7” touchscreen display with intuitive, icon-based menu navigation. Important functions and settings are accessible in a fast and simple manner thanks to the user-creatable favourites menu.  Integrated USB and Ethernet ports enable connection to a PC or network for remote control, monitoring and data recording.


  • Process heating thermostat for laboratories and industry
  • Marlotherm can be safely used as a heat transfer fluid (closed system)
  • Typical applications are thin/wiped film, short path distillation
  • Ideal for system installation and rack operation
  • Highly precise and reproducible thermoregulation results
  • Wide temperature ranges without fluid changes
  • Adaptive temperature control, self-optimising PID controller
  • Pilot ONE controller with touchscreen and convenient menu navigation
  • 2 x USB (host, device), Ethernet and RS232 interfaces
  • Highly efficient operation reduces working times and operating costs