Peter Huber Kältemaschinenbau SE continues to grow and establishes a new production site in Ortenberg. New jobs are created for skilled workers and career changers.

The company has already significantly increased the production area by building a new production facility in 2021. Nevertheless, the capacity limits have already been reached again in some areas. In order to be able to cope with the high order intake in the future, the production capacity is therefore being expanded by a further 5,000m² with a new production facility in Ortenberg. The production facility is expected to be completed and production started before the end of 2023.

Chairman of the Board Daniel Huber explains: “Focusing on the best possible customer satisfaction, we will significantly shorten our delivery times with the additional production capacity. The new production facility is thus an investment in the future to secure jobs and further expand our market position.”

Despite all the adversities in the world market, Huber is recording a persistently good order intake. In order to be able to implement customer orders reliably and promptly, a further expansion of production is necessary. The focus of production will continue to be the headquarters in the Elgersweier industrial estate. However, since a short-term expansion in Elgersweier was not possible, Huber has rented an empty production facility in the neighbouring Ortenberg.