It is common when selecting a temperature control system to make choices by comparing manufacturer catalogue data, but this can be deceptive, as heating and cooling power specifications give very little suggestion of performance.

Good temperature control relates to efficient heat transfer to the application, which results in smaller less expensive units, reduced resource consumption and increased process profit margins.

The primary role of a thermoregulator is to control and change the temperature of an application. This is dependent on the thermoregulators’ ability to transfer heat energy to the process. The efficiency of thermal energy transfer depends on the volume of heat transfer fluid, the surface area exposed to the heat transfer fluid and the flow rate of the fluid over the surface of the heat exchanger.

Huber Unistats are a range of hydraulically sealed temperature control systems with a temperature range of -120 °C to +425 °C. Unlike conventional thermostats they have no internal bath, reducing the heat transfer fluid volume to a low minimum.

The plate heat exchanger provides a large surface area over which the thermal fluid flows and low pressure pumps ensure that high flow rates are achieved, dramatically improving the speed and efficiency of heat transfer.

These refinements give Unistats the ability to generate a wide Delta T between the process and jacket temperature, allowing heat to be quickly and efficiently added or removed from the process. Once the desired set point temperature is in range the Unistat reduces the Delta T and calculates the amount of energy required to ensure that the target temperature is reached without overshoot.

To demonstrate the benefit of effective heat transfer Huber produced a range of case studies showing the real-time performance of Unistats in combination with a range of reactors. Over 200 case studies are available to download from the Huber website and can be filtered by unit or application, allowing a comprehensive search; providing valuable performance data when choosing the right system for your process.

When the priority is reproducible results and tight temperature control, thermodynamically there is no alternative. It’s simple, high flow rates + efficient thermal energy transfer = good temperature control.

To demonstrate the performance of the Unistat range over 200 case studies have been carried out. They show the Unistats unique ability to adapt to process requirements, offering precise stability and control.

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