IKA is adding a new device class to its portfolio of recirculating chillers. The RC 2 lite is elegant, compact and powerful and is a perfect addition to rotary evaporators, reflux coolers and cold traps.

The RC 2 lite is new product class in addition to the well-known basic and control product ranges. 400 watt cooling capacity and a pump pressure of 0.35 bar: the new recirculating chiller focuses on the essentials in every respect. This makes it space-saving, powerful and extremely economical. It is ideal for simple cooling tasks down to -10 °C and as a supplementary device to rotary evaporators, reflux coolers and cold traps.

Thanks to the minimum filling volume of just one liter, the RC 2 lite is able to carry out temperature changes very quickly if necessary. Its working volume of 2.5 liters, which is quite large considering its compact size, enables a large number of external applications without the need for refilling. The highlight for users is the stainless steel mesh filter. It is easily accessible and just as easy to clean. Its ergonomic design, which is typical for all IKA products, thus contributes to the reliable performance and long service life of this basic device.

For the cooling of the RC 2 lite, IKA consistently relies on the natural refrigerant R 290, which is already being used in the demand-controlled chillers RC 2 GREEN basic and control as well as RC 5. It is one of the pure hydrocarbons, has a very low global warming potential and promises a long service life for the device, even with future usage requirements.

The RC 2 lite offers everything a good recirculating chiller needs. Its powerful pressure and suction pump enables the simultaneous operation of several applications as well as external open applications and the fill level, in the reservoir, is always in full view thanks to the large, illuminated sight glass.