The high-performance IKA T 25 easy clean homogeniser is ideal for use in research, product development and quality control.

This unique laboratory device has been awarded the German Design Award in the Industry category.

Launched at Achema 2018, the disperser homogenises samples, emulsifies substances such as cosmetics, and suspends paints and coatings.

The device has been awarded a Special Mention in the Industry Category by the German Design Council for its outstanding design quality.

In his congratulatory letter, managing director of the German Design Council Andrej Kupetz writes: “Those who prevail here against the high-profile competition have proven themselves to be among the best.”

The IKA T 25 easy clean disperser works quietly, efficiently and conveniently. Thanks to the intelligent, user-friendly device design, it is particularly smart to use.

The associated dispersing tool is designed in such a way that it can be easily cleaned without dismantling the unit, since the rotor can be removed in one simple step. In addition, the new disperser has a specially developed robust housing.

IKA is very pleased about the award because the Special Mention title honours workmanship with particularly successful aspects or solutions in its design. This is great recognition of IKA’s commitment and that of its developers and designers.

The international premium prize has been awarded by the German Design Council since 2011. The award ceremony will take place on 8 February in the presence of 1,300 guests from politics, business, design and the press. It is one of the most important design events of the year aimed at discovering, presenting and distinguishing unique design trends.