IKA Matrix thermoshakers blend concentrated mixing power in the millilitre range with tried and tested, intuitive IKA menu navigation, enabling easier mixing and temperature control in day-to-day lab work.

The new IKA Matrix thermoshaker product range now achieves optimal mixing results – from the smallest blood samples to pharmaceutical agents, to DNA / RNA samples all the way to ELISA assays. The mixing movement is extremely effective thanks to its high speed and large shaking strokes. But above all, the IKA Matrix achieves outstanding mixing results with the greatest possible user-friendliness in various laboratory applications. That’s because the new thermoshakers also have IKA’s intuitive menu navigation, making lab work easier and more convenient.

In addition, the Matrix series impresses with its automatic attachment detector and convenient quick release for exchanging inserts and attachments quickly and safely. These robust and very stable devices can depend on the model, adjust the speed of the orbital movements automatically to match the insert, the attachment and corresponding fill volume. Moreover, programmable ramps ensure automatic and safe control.

The IKA Matrix is available in different versions: Depending on the application, the device can either just mix, mix and heat, heat and cool or all at once.

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