IKA has announced an expansion of its range of stirrers to include the high-performance MICROSTAR and MINISTAR units, which are available with a lifetime warranty.

The new stirrers are compact, with dimensions of the MICROSTAR only 60mm × 110mm × 123mm. This device delivers a torque of up to 30Ncm, while the slightly bigger MINISTAR control can deliver up to 80Ncm.

With these two new models, IKA has successfully reduced the space required for the familiar IKA EUROSTAR line by up to 85%, while maintaining the same high performance.

The launch of the new products will be accompanied by a special appearance of globally renowned scientists Jin-Quan Yu and Phil S. Baran. They will be battling for victory in an exciting arm-wrestling challenge. In addition, the short film produced by IKA is due for release to a global audience and more than 0.5 million people have already viewed the trailer.


IKA paid particular attention to safety in the development of the two new stirrers. For instance, an integrated vibration sensor recognises vibrations exceeding the maximum permissible threshold and immediately stops the stirring process. A separate, low-voltage power supply unit increases safety and simultaneously reduces operating costs without any loss of performance.


The lifetime warranty reflects IKA’s belief in the product quality and outstanding technology of the two new models.

Clearly laid-out display

The display panel, with a chemically resistant, specially designed hardened glass cover, provides a clearly laid-out view of all relevant information at a glance and ensures maximum safety.

Microprocessor control

Depending on the model, a microprocessor controlled system ensures precise, variable speeds between 0/30 min-500/2000 min-1; set and actual rotation speeds are continuously adjusted to maintain precision. This ensures that the desired speed remains constant at all times, even when the viscosity of the medium changes. A torque trend read-out provides information about changes of viscosity in the sample being processed.

Integrated timer / counter function

The integrated timer / counter function is a valuable aid for monitoring sensitive chemical reaction processes, while a touch-sensitive operating panel ensures exceptionally easy and convenient handling and a long service life.


The jury of the iF DESIGN AWARD 2017 chose the Ministar 80 control as one of the winning products in the category Product Design. The award is an internationally recognised seal of excellence for design and is one of the world’s most prestigious design awards.

IKA has posted the film Crushing It! and detailed information about the new stirrers on its website.