LTE Scientific has a wide range of environmentally controlled rooms varying in both temperature and humidity.

Each room meets all requirements of ICH Guideline Q1A, providing a proven solution for stability testing within the pharmaceutical industry.

With operating temperatures typically between 5oC and 70oC, coupled with humidity control from 20% to 95%, LTE Scientific’s Environmental Rooms can be configured to work at different levels of accuracy according to client requirements.

LTE Scientific’s rooms feature a combined controller and recorder, which provides an excellent level of features while keeping base costs to a minimum. In addition, data acquisition systems can be provided, which can be configured to 21CFR11 if required.

LTE Scientific can also offer duty or standby systems to ensure continued operation in the event of a failure or planned maintenance.

Based on a modular design, all LTE Scientific stability storage rooms are custom built to individual requirements. On-site inspections, project scoping, and proposals are also available without commitment.

The environmental rooms are also widely used as large-scale incubators, providing high-storage capacities while taking up minimum floor space.