Provider of sterilisation and endoscope storage solutions, LTE Scientific is also committed to providing a wide range of first class training courses.

The company offers a range of standard and tailored training courses for managers, technicians, and operators of autoclaves and endoscope storage cabinets. Each course has been designed to offer practical and sound experience in the relevant subject area and the content can be applied across many brands.

Getting the maximum operational efficiency and compliance out of your equipment is becoming more important as is the need to keep up with ever-changing requirements and standards. Ensuring that your machine is used efficiently and kept in the best operational condition possible will help to maximise throughout and minimise possible downtime.

LTE’s training courses aim to achieve different goals depending on client requirements, such as:

  • Professional development
  • Maximising equipment up-time
  • Reducing service/maintenance charges
  • Cycle efficiency
  • Cycle and operator safety

Courses range from basic to advanced, catering for all levels of competency. LTE offers individual places, a dedicated course, or its qualified trainers will visit your site and carry out training on your equipment.