IC cooled incubators range.

LTE Scientific’s IC range of cooled incubators combines contemporary design with solid, reliable performance.

All models use refrigerants R290 and R600a, which have a global warming potential (GWP) of three. Compared with lower energy consumption, this will help lower running costs while reducing carbon footprint.

Accurate temperature performance and space-efficient storage capacities are key features of the IC range. All IC Cooled Incubators incorporate a quiet and effective fan circulation system, which distributes the air evenly throughout the chamber. All models are designed to operate between +2ºC and +50ºC.

Four sizes are available and all models can be supplied with either a white epoxy coated or stainless steel exterior finish. In addition, all models can be supplied with double-glazed glass doors.

The interiors are made of high-impact resistant and durable acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). The entire range also has a one piece door seal, which can be easily removed and makes the whole cabinet easy to clean.

A major feature of the benchtop or underbench IC200 model is its impressive usable chamber capacity of 92l, which makes it one of the largest under-bench cooled incubators available. In addition, the IC200 range can be stacked, making good use of laboratory floor. The IC400 has a 294l capacity, but it only takes up 595mm by 640mm floor area.

For easy maneuverability, IC400 and IC600 models are supplied on castors as standard.

IC Cooled Incubators are controlled via an electronic proportional integral derivative (PID) controller, providing close temperature control and variation throughout the chambers. For added safety, over-temperature protection is provided via a class 2 limiter.