The food and drug administration (FDA) has used Malvern’s Morphologi G3-ID system to generate key data for the approval of the first generic nasal spray containing mometasone furoate.

The FDA indicated data obtained using Morphology Directed Raman Spectroscopy (MDRS) allowed them to validate the bioequivalence of the two products without the need for costly clinical endpoint bioequivalence studies.

MDRS is an analytical technique, which uses a combination of static image analysis and Raman spectroscopy to characterise the size, shape, and chemical identification of particles in a sample.

This provides the complete understanding of the characteristics of all components in a drug product including the drug substance, excipients, or any contaminant particles contained in the formulation.

It was the unique abilities of this technology which allowed the FDA to justify bioequivalence using in vitro data alone.
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