Malvern Instruments has launched an improved rSolution platform on their Kinexus rotational rheometer.

The platform is designed to help customers use rheological measurements more effectively to accelerate formulation studies, improve effective troubleshooting and ensure robust QC.

rSolution makes it easier for expert and novice users to measure relevant rheology that provides valuable insight into product and process performance.

rSolution is delivered in the latest release of the rSpace software (version 1.70) for Kinexus, Malvern’s flagship rotational rheometer. It incorporates significant technological innovations that enable optimal flexibility in rheological test capabilities and protocols to directly meet industrial requirements for rheological testing.

The Kinexus approach of ‘more rheology, less effort’ allows users to work at a level most appropriate to them, while using new and improved sequences that deliver relevant data for the application of interest.

Malvern’s cornerstone standard operating procedure (SOP) approach to material testing has been enhanced in the new software to revolutionise and simplify user interaction.

rSolution delivers expert system guidance and SOP driven testing to rheological measurements for the first time, simultaneously educating the user. It incorporates fully customisable test designs to enable researchers to set-up and execute the best test for commonly encountered problems that can be efficiently solved through the application of rheology.

Built-in intelligence and guidance features provide support through every aspect of the measurement process: through sample loading, measurement, analysis and result interpretation.

Dedicated tests can benchmark performance and material properties in relation to texture, spreading behaviour, yield stress and product delivery characteristics.

A variety of measurement geometries are available and fully optimised for the rheological characterisation of a wide range of complex fluids and soft solids including dispersions, emulsions, polymer and surfactant solutions as well as pastes and gels.

Kinexus advanced axial capabilities also facilitate the use of specific sequences for the assessment of tack and adhesion. An extended set of asphalt test sequences further support and enhance the capabilities for asphalt and bitumen testing using the new Kinexus DSR platform.