Malvern has launched a new gel permeation / size exclusion chromatography (GPC / SEC) platform.

Malvern has launched a new gel permeation / size exclusion chromatography (GPC / SEC) platform, which delivers high performance and productivity for analytical laboratories.

The OMNISEC platform integrates highly efficient sample separation using the OMNISEC RESOLVE module, and high-sensitivity analysis using OMNISEC REVEAL, a fully integrated multi-detector array.

In addition, the system has applications for detailed analysis and understanding of natural or synthetic polymers, proteins and macromolecules.

GPC / SEC is a two-step analytical process that involves separating a sample on the basis of its size, and analysing resulting fractions. This technique delivers molecular weight, molecular size and structural information, all of which define performance of important materials.

By combining efficient sample separation of OMNISEC RESOLVE with the fully optimised, multi-detector, information-rich analysis provided by OMNISEC REVEAL, Malvern has produced a solution for researchers and formulators developing novel natural and synthetic polymers, and pharmaceutical products.

OMNISEC REVEAL has four detectors, including refractive index (RI), UV / Vis photodiode array (UV-PDA), low angle/right angle light scattering (RALS/LALS) and viscometer.

Its light scattering detector is the most sensitive on the market, which means it can accurately measure molecular weights as low as 200Da or injection masses of 100ng.

A self-balancing viscometer design, with a user exchangeable capillary bridge boosts productivity and cuts lifetime costs by extending viscometer life, reducing instrument downtime and minimising maintenance requirements.

Excellent temperature control across the complete module, including integrated detectors and inter-detector tubing, boosts accuracy of all measurements.

OMNISEC RESOLVE consists of a sample degasser, pump, autosampler and column oven, each optimised for precise, high-resolution separations. This translates into smooth stable baselines for detector analysis, which boost the accuracy of all measurements.

Key features include a low volume, high-efficiency degasser design that enables rapid switchover from one sample type to another, saving time in busy multi-user labs.

Temperature controlled autosampler eliminates injection waste, reducing the sample required for routine measurement, and in combination with the column oven maintains all samples under closely controlled conditions throughout analysis.

This is important when dealing with materials such as proteins, which can be temperature-sensitive.

OMNISEC REVEAL can be purchased as an individual detector module to add to an existing GPC/SEC system.

There are substantial advantages to an integrated system, including smaller inter-detector volumes, reduced band broadening and better temperature control. These deliver improved sample stability and enhanced accuracy.

Day-to-day productivity efficiencies are available from a fully and optimally integrated system, which meets modern GPC/SEC requirements.