Malvern has announced it will host a webinar to discuss how to measure zeta surface potential.

While these measurements are commonly used to measure colloidal suspensions or molecular solutions, it is also possible to measure the zeta potential of planar surfaces.

In its webinar, Malvern will introduce the concept of surface zeta potential, show how it can be measured on the Zetasizer Nano, and discuss recent applications.

Speaker Michael Kaszuba is Malvern’s technical support manager. He has a PhD from the Polytechnic of Wales, where he studied the physical biochemistry of liposomes using nuclear magnetic resonance techniques. He followed this with a postdoctoral research into liposomal drug delivery at the University of Manchester. Michael joined Malvern in 1996 as a product technical specialist and two years later was appointed in his current role, responsible for product technical specialist and application groups in the UK.

The webinar will take place on 24 January between 10:30 and 11:30 (GMT-05:00) Eastern US and Canada time.

Who should attend?

Anybody interested in measuring the zeta potential of a surface, such as filters, polymers, and biological surfaces including human skin analogues.

What will you learn?

Viewers will learn what surface zeta potential is, how it can be measured, and applications where such measurements are important.