Malvern will be hosting a wide range of webinars throughout September and October, including:

  • On 19 September, Malvern will be presenting the ‘Technical and Operational Challenges to Pharmaceutical Continuous Manufacturing (CM) Implementation’ webinar.

    CM is a hot topic in the pharmaceutical industry, with most companies either evaluating CM, running pilot programmes, or actively deploying it for both new and existing products.

    The intention of Malvern’s presentation is to share some of the technical and operational challenges around pharmaceutical CM implementation, including initial justifications for going continuous, the impact of making the change to CM on process development, the development of control strategy (including explaining current thinking around the control strategy complexity pyramid), and the role of process analytical technology (PAT) in this paradigm change.

    Examples will be used from small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and all three common drug product formulation types (direct compression, wet granulation, and dry granulation).

    The webinar will take place from 15:30 GMT to 13:30 GMT.

  • On 21 September, Malvern will be presenting the ‘Quality Control of Purified Proteins: A Critical Key to Success’ webinar.

    Taking place from 10:30 to 11:30 GMT-5:00, it will cover the topic of purified protein quality control, which is the final critical check-point of any protein production process that is often overlooked or performed hastily, resulting in poor-quality samples.

    Sample quality can be improved by convincing scientists to perform quality control as the final critical check of their protein production process. The Association of Resources for Biophysical Research in Europe (ARBRE-MOBIEU) and the Protein Production Purification partnership in Europe (P4EU) have formed a partnership to prompose an easy-to-follow workflow based on an ensemble of widely available physiochemical technologies.

    This workflow enables sequential assessment of the essential properties of any protein sample’s purity, integrity, homogeneity, and activity. Approaches are suggested to optimise the homogeneity, time-stability, and storage conditions of purified protein preparations, as well as methods to rapidly evaluate their reproducibility and lot-to-lot consistency. The workflow and results obtained in our laboratory will be presented in this webinar.