The Oxfordshire based charity Kirkhouse Trust is presently focused on crop improvement research for the developing world and advancement through education and research in the fields of biological and medical sciences.

In July 2005 the Trust sourced a fully operational, three year old, Compact 40 laboratory autoclave. This was bound for the University of Agricultural Sciences in Bangalore where it was to be used to sterilise waste generated from their own research programs.

Mindful that the equipment had to function well and safely, they approached the manufacturer, Priorclave Ltd., for advice on service and maintenance previous to shipment. Rather than offer remote dialogue they re-called the unit to their Woolwich manufacturing facility where they gave the Compact 40 priorclave a complete refurbishment and operational test free of charge.

In addition, appropriate technical data and a service manual were supplied, also free of charge, to assist the laboratory team in maintaining the priorclave’s on-going efficiency, safety and performance expectations.