Priorclave's C60 Model Autoclave Draws Visitors at London Vet Show - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Priorclave’s C60 Model Autoclave Draws Visitors at London Vet Show

During the recent London Vet Show the autoclave featured on the Southwest Medical stand R30 proved popular with visitors. Supplied by Priorclave, one of the UK’s top autoclave manufacturers, the C60 model surprised visitors with its compact outward physical appearance and the larger than average steam sterilisation chamber. At a competitive price of under £10,000 it was probably the lowest priced autoclave at the show, hence its popularity with visitors.

Southwest Medical provides a comprehensive range of products and service support covering all types of medical equipment tailored to both human and veterinary sectors. Ed Bennett, managing director of Southwest Medical, said: "We were delighted to be able to feature the Priorclave C60 autoclave on our stand at the London Vet Show. Its compact design has wide appeal for veterinary practices of all sizes and coupled with superb functionality it is one of the most versatile autoclaves I have found; we will be certainly looking to add this machine to our product range."

The C60 priorclave featured by Southern Medical was a top-loading 60l capacity autoclave incorporating a combined facility for pre-cycle vacuum and vacuum cooling. This specific model was chosen because it is the ideal steriliser for handling instrumentation through to laboratory waste in veterinary practices and hospitals.

The C60 is a member of Priorclave’s series of Compact steam sterilisers and part of an extensive range of standard autoclaves available in top and front-loading models up to 700l.

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