The Priorclave H60 compact autoclave, designed specifically to meet a customer requirement for a steam steriliser with all the proven strengths and features of the current Priorclave Compact range but with a 50% increase in chamber capacity, is now part of the Companies standard range of benchtop autoclaves.

Despite having the most comprehensive range of laboratory autoclaves there is always someone who wants something different and that is exactly what brought about the development and production by Priorclave of the H60, an autoclave with a horizontal 60l capacity chamber.

The H60, the latest compact model, has an internal chamber diameter of 350mm and a working depth of 625mm and is designed to operate up to 140ºC, 2.4bar. It is available with a choice of either a single or double heating elements, giving cycle times of 90 or 75 minutes respectively. It also features the advanced TACTROL® 2 microprocessor control system with staged illumination giving digital readouts of cycle status as well as easy setting of temperature and time.

The design concept was based around that of the well-established C40, a 40l bench top autoclave. With a new customer requirement, Priorclaves in-house design and manufacturing centre set to work to build a new 60l autoclave that would be big on features as well as chamber size.

With a level of settings and operating flexibility usually reserved for larger autoclaves, the Priorclave H60 compact, front loading steam steriliser will enable laboratories with low volume requirements to enjoy the full benefits of a feature-packed range at an affordable price.

The H60 compact autoclave is ideally suited for use in a wide range of sterilising applications such as media preparation, laboratory waste, liquids and diluents, glassware, instruments and apparatus. The new model will appeal to laboratories where space is limited and infrequent sterilisations take place.

Designed for bench-mounting and easy installation, models in this versatile H60 autoclave range can be supplied for either manual or auto-water fill and come in a choice of standard or vacuum models. Appreciating that the increased external depth of the new Compact H60 steam steriliser may restrict placement on a standard laboratory bench Priorclave is able to supply a special stand to facilitate mounting adjacent to a working surface.

As a dedicated design and manufacturing centre for autoclaves, Priorclave has created one of the largest ranges of standard steam sterilisers, from compact bench-top front loading to free-standing top-loading and high capacity front-loading autoclaves as well as thru’ wall double entry machines. It is unlikely that customers cannot find a model to meet their needs, however for one customer this was not enough.