A new higher capacity autoclave from Priorclave incorporates a water jacket. The first model in this RSC 850 series is ideal for applications requiring sterilisation of extra-bulky dense waste.

Priorclave has extended its range of high capacity rectangular chamber sterilisers with the launch of a 850l model that incorporates a water jacket to speed up the overall sterilising time of difficult loads without compromising on the effectiveness of the process.

The new RSC 850 with its 850l, rectangular stainless steel chamber has been purposely designed for laboratories requiring sterilisation of extra-bulky dense waste.

The water jacket is key to improving the sterilisation process. It is effectively another pressure vessel surrounding the main sterilising chamber, and within the void steam or cold water is run to heat or cool the outside of the autoclave chamber.

When condensate avoidance is required, particularly for porous and textile loads, this facility is available to heat the walls of the vessel to minimise condensation build-up and help retain a dry load.

When cold water enters the water jacket it enables laboratories to achieve a faster cooling. The overall benefits is that of improving the sterilisation process time from start to finish, while ensuring optimum proper sterilisation takes place.

As standard, the RSC 850 autoclave is fitted with an automatic water-fill.

Priorclave is able to incorporate more features, including a pre-cycle vacuum in which multiple vacuum stages are programmed with interspersed heating to achieve improved air removal together with greater steam penetration of difficult complex loads, as well as post cycle drying.

The large rectangular chamber laboratory autoclave is equipped with a patented large hand-wheel door closure system for easy safe opening/closing of the rigid robust hinged door, which gives access to a chamber offering a convenient loading height of 800mm.

An inherent feature is the fitting of a thermal and pressure lock system to the lower hand-wheel that prevents the door opening at load temperature above 80°C and pressures above 0.15 bar. This feature averts potential accidents through discharge of hot, high-pressurised steam.

The autoclave joins other models in the RSC standard range high capacity steam sterilisers. The range comprises six models: 230l, 285l, 350l, 450l, 700l and 850l, each model fitted with one of the most advanced microprocessor control systems to guide operators through simple set-up procedures.

Priorclave is able to tailor the design to suit specific requirements, offering a choice of steam generation, including electrical or direct steam heated.

Alternatively they can be fitted with an in-house steam generator ideal where continuous sterilising applications take place.

The robust build quality of the autoclave features epoxy coated panels and frame members treated with an antibacterial agent that is highly effective.

It also includes permanent treatment for control of harmful bacteria, making surfaces cleaner, more hygienic and providing durable lifelong protection against cross contamination.

This tough special epoxy finish is proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99% and is highly effective against MRSA, E.coli, listeria, legionella, campylobacter, salmonella, pseudomonas and over 50 other species.

RSC autoclaves are part of the comprehensive standard product range, which comprises more than 60 models with chamber capacities from 40l to 850l, from small capacity bench-top sterilisers to larger floor-standing designs, including pass-through and power-door models.