Priorclave celebrates its service manager Ranjit Rai’s 25th working anniversary.

One of the longest serving and most widely travelled laboratory autoclave service engineer working out of Britain, Ranjit Rai joined Priorclave within months of its formation. He became the company’s only service engineer, providing customer support throughout the UK.

Throughout his early days, and as Priorclave has grown into the truly international company that it is today, then senior service engineer Ranjit travelled to many exotic places around the world including South America, Africa, and Asia. He has recently returned from a trip to Vietnam where he carried out qualification work on recently installed autoclaves.

Of Ranjit’s 25 years with the company, sales director of Priorclave Lee Oakley says: "Ranjit is acknowledged by all Priorclave directors and senior staff as a key figure helping in the growth of our company.

"He has provided valuable support, not only to customers but has passed on his considerable autoclave knowledge to our global network of sales and service agents. This ensures we can deliver one of the finest support packages to our customers, worldwide."

Ranjit is a fountain of information having worked on and around laboratory autoclaves most of his working life and he is currently involved with many large projects taking place in the US. His experience began when autoclaves were built using relays and switch controls and he has witnessed the many technological advancements, right through to the deployment of the latest modern microprocessor technology developed by Priorclave.