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Refrigerating Groups for Dialysis Machines Components

The pharma sector is a very wide application field for cooling and refrigerating systems. Tempco chillers are indeed not only employed for APIs or pharmaceuticals production, but they also represent a crucial asset for the manufacturing of delicate medical devices and components of pharma equipments. That’s the case of a special refrigerating group which we have completed testing during the first months of 2021, aimed to serve production lines of tubes for dialysis machines.

Overall, this kind of tubes require a very delicate manufacturing process, aimed to obtain a combination of mechanical characteristics and flexibility, ensuring at the same time to be very tough. Indeed, the tube is employed in dialysis equipment to carry blood, being used with peristaltic pumps and therefore squeezed to pump the blood. The prototypal solution designed and engineered by Tempco is able to generate a flow or refrigerated air at a controlled temperature down to -15° C, with tolerance range of +/-0,5° C. This refrigerated air flow is necessary to achieve a unique patented manufacturing process, that allows to obtain a peculiar proper modification of the dialysis tube.

Before implementing the Tempco refrigerating group solution, the medical devices manufacturer was using an alternative cooling system based on a venturi effect, but it couldn’t achieve the right conditions to successfully complete the dialysis tube processing. Once tested the prototype of the new refrigeration system, the customer was fully satisfied with the results of the testing, so that he eventually decided to extend and implement these special refrigerating groups in every production line installed in its facilities around the world.

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