Klinge Corporation Temperature Excursion Case Study - Pharmaceutical Technology
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Klinge Corporation Temperature Excursion Case Study

As part of the Poseidon Group, Klinge Corporation recently worked with other Poseidon partners to develop a case study on temperature excursions in the pharma cold chain when using various ocean transport lanes.

In our case study, we tested the effectiveness of our dual redundant refrigerated containers to keep sensitive pharma materials at an appropriate temperature during transit from Darmstadt, Germany, to Sturtevant, WI, US in the wintery months of February and March.

The required result of our test was documented evidence that the products / systems tested were of sufficient robustness, reliability and performance for them to be considered for service in the majority if not all, global shipping lanes in all-weather / climatic conditions.

We will be exhibiting our latest products and services at the Sea Freight Focus Day at Cold Chain Global Forum (Pharma) in Boston on 15 October.

We will also be exhibiting in Dusseldorf in January at Temperature Controlled Logistics (Pharma) on 27-30 January.

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