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Klinge Attended Global Cold Chain Exchange, Florida

Klinge Corporation exhibited at the Global Cold Chain Exchange in July.

With a special focus on adapting to the changes and transitions in the cold chain process, the event involved pre-qualified solution providers and senior decision-makers attending pre-scheduled one-on-one business meetings.

During the three day meeting, participants attended conference sessions, executive roundtables, and innovative networking opportunities.

Klinge Corporation President Allan Klinge spoke at the event on ‘Using Redundant ISO Sea Containers to Mitigate Risk and Reduce Costs’.

Expensive air freight costs and temperature excursions have led to a search for innovations in the transport of cold chain supplies. For pharmaceutical and life science companies to achieve their goals, it is critical for them to start moving to sea freight solutions to tackle the challenges of rising air freight costs and temperature excursions.

Klinge Corporation is a manufacturer of cold chain refrigerated and freezer ISO container systems. Klinge understands that the prevention of temperature deviations is essential and offers a variety of solutions to ensure
100% safety of pharmaceuticals:

  • Dual refrigerated container for temperatures between 20°C/68° and -25°C/-
  • 13°F (two independent refrigeration systems)
  • Blast freezer container deep storage freezer container that cools cargo to -60°C/-76°F
  • Deep storage dual freezer container that cools cargo to -60°C/-76°F (two independent freezer systems)
  • GSM remote monitoring, which provides ambient temperature, cargo temperature, location, alarm ON/OFF, power ON/Off, and dual GSM/SAT back-up transmission.

Klinge has been delivering its equipment to leading pharmaceutical companies for more than 30 years.

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